Leadership for sustainability

We help individuals and teams working for Sustainability to increase their impact

People and teams are able to give of their best when:
The internal organisational structure is in line with the objectives.
There is a clear, meaningful and shared vision towards which everyone can work.
The environment facilitates teamwork, productivity and coexistence.
Motivation is high and they are ready to pursue a common goal together.
Our experience tells us that this is achieved with the following tools:


Rediscovering the sense behind the things we do, creating a route map and defining actions so that we can work in alignment towards the common goal.


Giving voice to the nature we all have inside ourselves, so we can have a positive influence on others.


Achieving efficacy and satisfaction at work, discovering the views of reality that limit you or can drive you.

Project management

Planning, coordinating resources, aligning efforts, setting the pace and making everything move forward towards the defined goals.

Process improvement

Establishing work flows that optimise our ways of achieving the goals we set ourselves.


Integrating a participation that is efficient and enriching for all concerned, a distributed, collaborative and facilitating leadership, and a shared view that is worth pursuing.

Would you like to know how these organisations improved their impact?

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