Who we are

We help people to unleash their potential to build a better world

We are Genea. We work to make things work better.

You, your team, your organisation, society.

We can all move forward towards the best version of ourselves.

It may seem abstract or philosophical, but at Genea we know how to make this happen through practical actions geared towards realistic and achievable objectives. .

In the course of our work, we have come to realise that when projects get bogged down or fail to achieve results, even though it may well be due to a technical issue, we often find that the key actually lies in the phuman dimension./strong>

Ill-advised working dynamics, lack of coordination, unproductive relationships, narrow outlooks, loss of meaning… and the result of all this is demotivation, mistrust and a lack of effectiveness in our ability to maintain a healthy relationship with Nature and natural resources..

At Genea we work to reverse this process of deterioration and transform it into a positive dynamic of construction y progress.

We achieve our objectives in acoordinated, inclusive and healthy way between people, teams and communities to have a positive impact on the environment, on Nature.

Our strength lies in Sustainability..
We are environmental experts..
That’s why we are inspired by Nature.

We find many of the answers to the problems facing people, organisations and society just by observing it.

Because we are Nature.

The answers are out there, waiting for us to look at them, listen to them and put them into practice.

Nature inspires us to offer services aimed at achieving different objectives but with a common goal: to pass on a better world to the next generation.

This is the Sustainability we work for and our way of leaving a positive footprint.

The team working for sustainability at Genea

Yeray Martínez Montesdeoca

My role

Leadership projects for sustainability​ ​+ collective intelligence​ ​for action

My commitment to Genea

✓​ ​It’s my personal project, my way of fulfilling myself professionally.

✓​ ​I want nature and forests to be better valued by society and for people to appreciate how important they are for the sustainability of humanity on this planet.

✓​ ​I want to create a space where people who share similar vocations can collaborate.

My personal contribution

✓​ ​​I believe in people and in the potential there is in our heart, our passion, and our talent, things we all have.

✓​ ​I’m good at organising, structuring, designing, managing, listening and recognising the value of other people’s differences.

My training

✓​ ​Manager and promoter of Genea.​ .​ ​Forestry Engineer ​ ​(UPM), entrepreneur,​ ​project director,​ ​forester, consultant,​ ​businessman and team manager.

Káhina Santana Miranda

My role

Participatory projects for sustainability ​ ​+ collective intelligence ​for action

My commitment to Genea

​ ​✓​ ​ I have the opportunity to place my knowledge and the best of myself at the service of society, to make it better.

✓​ ​ We never stop learning. Creativity is our strength.​ ​I feel we’re moving forward and improving.

✓​ ​​I have a team that allows me to be a part of the change in an active and professional way.

My personal contribution

✓​ ​​I like to commit to everything I do and to throw myself into it with creativity.

✓​ ​ ​I need things to have a meaning and I try to remember that when I work in a group, so we don’t lose the purpose that has brought us all together.

My training

✓​ ​Graduate in ​Sociology (ULL),​ ​specialising in “Participatory Research for Local Development” ​(UCM).

Captura de pantalla 2020-12-29 a las 9.19.06

Gema Cruz Cañadas

My role

​Environmental education, coaching and nature projects ​ ​+​ ​proyectos CSR in forestry projects

My commitment to Genea

✓​ ​We do things with authenticity and meaning, and we seek to make a contribution.

✓​ ​This authenticity and honesty creates an enduring trust that allows us to communicate easily in a clear and frank way.

✓​ ​I have a team behind me that supports and encourages me and gives me its very best.

My personal contribution

✓​ ​​I am enthusiastic and committed. I put my heart into what I do.

✓​ ​​I’m able to communicate my passion for forests and make other people feel it.

✓​ ​I find it easy to get people to connect with their most authentic, natural side.

My training

✓​ ​Forestry engineer (UPM). Expert in forestry education (Spanish Forestry Association, PROFOR), leadership and personal and team coaching (Tea Cegos, Forjando Líderes and Cendet).

How we arrived at this vision

The field work we have carried out over many years has made us aware of the reality on the ground.


million € in forestry work projects


12 million € in forestry work led by us


million € in strategic environmental actions designed in plans and programmes


hectares of land on which we have implemented sustainable forest management plans.

Based on this experience, we have rethought the future of Genea.


We seek to amplify our impact, which is why we join forces with other entities and collaborate in projects that promote improvements in the use of natural resources and the quality of life of the local population.

  Find out how to move forward towards a more sustainable world

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